Amron Architectural

Amron Architectural design, manufacture and supply an extensive range of metal mesh products and have the knowledge to be able to advise Architects and Interior Designers. Their creative metal solutions can improve air-flow, shade from UV rays, enhance a space’s aesthetic appeal, improve light and create points of interest, as well as many more creative applications.

At the beginning of the project, we promptly detected the core problem to solve was highlighting the process of working with Amron and the beneficial serviced they offer their audience.

Our objective was to create a clear path to working alongside an Amron design consultant, for them to be able to advise the best metal solution for each unique architectural challenge. With that in mind and working alongside the amazing team at Amron, we’ve created a website that is credible and professional, tailored toward their niche clientele.

“Not a just subcontractor… a valued member of the Amron team! I couldn’t recommend Wired Creative enough to anyone needing a new website. From the outset she was trusted to get on with the job due to her real understanding of our business. The end result speaks for itself.”

Amron Architectural Creative Director.
Website Design and Development

Linking products and services with clear direction.

We have internally divided the website into two segments, which in practice work seamlessly together. Products and services. Each having its own specific challenges.

The product segment of the website focuses on laying out the informational architecture and simplifying access to technical specifications, with a specific audience in mind – Architects, designers and Developers.

Services are categorised and individually explained, wrapped in a digestible visual format that reveals how they embed into one another.

Our focus was on clearly and thoroughly demonstrating how simple it is to work with Amron, as well as putting their process into practice.

This resulted in having multiple entry points that, through a seamless procedure of selecting specific products and configurations, all actions lead to a call with an Amron Architectural representative, which initiates the crucial human component.

“The brief was smashed out of the park with little involvement from the us.”

Visual Direction

Finding the balance of simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

The visual structure we’ve created was inspired by a Scandinavian aesthetic, based on simplicity where we focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty.

Complimented by what we referred to as Amron Aqua green, on a high-contrasted white background, it instils a sense of both confidence and personality.

As typography plays an indispensable part of the experience, we have chosen Poppins Bold and Karla Regular — Two professional, modern typeface which identifies as clear as legible.

eCommerce Integration

Turning a website into a functioning online store.

Previously, if you wanted to order a sample you would’ve had to contact the team directly via email or telephone. This was a time consuming task for both Amron and client alike.

Amron needed an application to help their internal team be more efficient with sample orders and please clients at the same time. So, we integrated a WooCommerce solution; turning this website into a functional tool. Now, at any time, clients are able to add samples to their virtual basket and place orders.

Not just a nice to have – These help acquire new leads and customers as well.


The new website had to be editable by the internal marketing team. Live training and videos were given at different stages of the project to help the team adjust to the new foundations.

It’s been an absolute joy to work with the charming Amron team.

We have the pleasure of continuing to work alongside the team and having a laugh while we’re at it. A client that feel like a true partner.

That’s why we got into the business in the first place.


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