Data Leaders

Committed to optimising the performance of data and analytics teams in the world’s largest organisations. The Data Leaders team is passionate and dedicated to creating a place where knowledge can be shared, and talent can grow.

Our objective over the course of the project was to build a fully responsive solution, backed by a WordPress CMS that implemented the visual design elements created by us.

Data Leaders needed a much more user-friendly and responsive website which showcased the new visual designs. Visitors needed to be able to easily understand Data Leaders offerings as well as search for resources whilst maintaining a smooth exploratory experience.

“It is a pleasure to work with Sarah for all our design needs. She is very professional and personable and lovely to work with. Her creativeness is outstanding, and she has helped us completely revamp our website, company brand and overall marketing. I highly recommend wiredcreative!”

Logo Touch-up
Slight tweaks to the logo freshened the look without loosing credibility.
Visual Direction

A fresh new brand and design language.

The original identity was unrefined, and the in-house marketing team struggled to use its mix-matched stock photography – this created inconsistency and lack of an identity.

The first phase of the project was to reimagine the Data Leaders identity and provide a clear visual direction.

Inspired by their ambitious plan to breathe data and analytics into organisations worldwide – to give teams the tools to strive to be more resilient, efficient and sustainable. Our goal was to position Data Leaders as a leader in their niche.

The direction we needed to take was clear — break free from the shackles of non-descriptive stock photography and set them up for the future, by building a smart, modular and scalable brand.

With that in mind, our approach to designing characteristic brand elements, as well as colour systems, was a metaphor for the versatility of spaces, systems, and product tiers coexisting in harmony.

Web Design and Developement

Flexible design is key for an evolving business.

The scope of this project was wide, with two sites and an external members hub. These sites would come to be visited by hundreds of users from around the globe, meaning that not only did the front end of the site need to be user friendly but the same had to be applied to the CMS.

We developed the Data Leaders brochure site using flexible layouts. This would be fundamental in delivering ease of use by allowing administrators to easily build out pages or posts using the components we provided moving forward. Components were built into flexible layouts and custom templates for various functions.

Once in place, we were tasked with building out the pages and posts of each site. This exercise would involve exporting content from the existing Data Leaders Blogs and importing that content into the.

Graphic Design

A complete graphic design overhaul

Data Leaders needed a complete graphic design overhaul to better reflect their new brand identity.

Working closely with their team, we’re thoroughly updating up the companies marketing assets. We started with the refreshed brand colour palette that included shades of green, blue, pink and yellow. We then applied this new colour scheme to bespoke graphics that would be used across all of their channels. These included booklets, presentations, campaigns and socials, ads and more.

We made sure that the graphics were eye-catching and conveyed the brand in a visually engaging way.

Next, we designed a series of custom presentation templates that could be used for Data Leaders sales pitches. The templates featured the new brand colours and incorporated the new graphics.

We also designed many other digital and printed materials, all helping to create a cohesive brand experience across all of their channels. This include but are not limited to: brochures, banners, social media adverts, presentation templates, event branding, event websites and email templates for newsletters.


As they continue to grow and refine their offerings, we’re supporting them at every step of the way, deepening our partnership.

The new design elements that we created for Data Leaders has helped them to stand out in a competitive industry and attract new customers. Their social media accounts saw an increase in engagement and their website had a lower bounce rate, which meant that visitors were more likely to stay on the site and explore their offerings.

The new presentation templates also helped Data Leaders to deliver a more polished and professional image to potential investors and partners.

Overall, the new designs have helped to establish Data Leaders as a trusted and credible brand in the industry.

We have plans on designing the Data Leaders Marketplace to ensured that we create a consistent look and feel across both websites in 2023.


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