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Hosting is your website’s connection to the world…

Hosting is your website’s connection to the world…

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Great for small brochure websites or blogs.




Perfect for growing sites that need more power and control.




High-traffic sites that require ultimate speed and performance.


Hosting that gets the job done.

Your website will be on a stable, resilient & self-healing server (built with enterprise-grade hardware & 100% SSD disks). Your website will also come with it’s very own cPanel and in-house tech support.

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Cloud hosting with your very own cPanel, 100% SSD disks and in-house tech support.

Cloud hosting with your very own cPanel, 100% SSD disks and tech support.

Powerful hosting and maintenance with all the best benefits.

Powerful hosting & maintenance with all the best benefits.

➰ Easy to use cPanel

💨 Fast, reliable performance

🔌 Plugin & Security updates

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“I’ve Just switched my site to Wiredcreative from another popular hosting site. My site loading speed is now faster and the hosting is cheaper!”
“I switched to wiredcreative from another popular hosting provider. My site loading speed is now faster and the hosting is cheaper!”


100% Renewable Web Hosting Provider.

Electricity sourced from Earth’s natural powers such as sunshine, wind & sea.

We carefully selected our partners, who’s business was the first centre in the UK to offer true 100% renewable energy. All power consumed at our datacentre facility uses 100% renewable energy and have achieved a PUE rating of 1.12!

We want to help create a path to a cleaner future.

We want to start creating a path to a cleaner future.

We’re donating monthly to Sea Shepherd Global, who’s vision is to fight, defend, conserve and protect our oceans.

Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife, and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

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Hosting FAQ’s

We bring you the best green hosting solutions for your business.

What will I get?

We spare no cost ensuring our clients websites are kept secure, plus we run regular virus & malware scans and keep our servers patched/updated.

Support is available by incredibly talented individuals who love what they do. We aim for swift resolution to any questions/issues.

All cloud servers utilise LiteSpeed web server & caching technologies to deliver exceptional speeds for our clients websites.

Why choose wiredcreative?

Our datacentre is rated Excellent on TrustPilot! (We wouldn’t use anything less!)

UK-based datacentre with gigabit connections.
We use a London-based datacentre which utilises a 100Gbps high capacity multi-carrier network with the best routing technologies ensuring fast content delivery.

We use a datacentre that is 100% renewable/clean energy, making us proud!

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Bespoke Websites

Implement your ideas from the get-go and work with us towards your dream website.

Prebuilt Websites

To help you save time and money we have created a range of website templates to choose from.

Logos & Branding

We provide the key elements for your businesses branding, helping you to grow into your brand.

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