Six Logo Design Trends for 2020

The following six logo trends illustrate where logo design is moving in 2020 and beyond. Trends are not to be strictly followed, they are here to inform and guide us. As designers, we should find a way to push these ideas forward and make them our own. Understanding them will help us design awesome logos.

Lowercase Wordmarks

Also known as “logotypes”, wordmarks are purely letter-based and only feature the name of a business. We have seen many well known businesses and corporations modernising their logos and introducing a lowercase or title-case logo. This new trend is one I personally love! It is a complete turnaround from the previous trend where all-caps was the in thing!

Geometric, Isometric, Letters & Shapes

We love simplified logos made of basic shapes. They can easily and delicately be implemented in all kinds of brand identity materials without being a distraction. A combination of text geometric forms can have a striking effect!

One Colour

Designers are challenging themselves to design a logo with only one colour and making the most of negative space.

Chaotic Arrangements and Multi-Layered Designs

These unique arrangements are a guaranteed way to catch the viewer’s eye. This bold trend best suits businesses with innovative personalities. Designers shouldn’t be afraid to add chaos into their logo’s this year.

The burger chain, Byron has totally smashed the “chaotic” style. The logo cleverly represents guests sat around a table. The brand’s CEO told the site that the rationale behind the logo is to “bring people back around the table, to connect with each other and share quality time with friends”.

Unusual Typefaces

Typography offers an enormous playground for experiments. Last year we saw A LOT of san-serif typefaces! Designers are now starting to explore unique typefaces to make their logos stand out.

Minimalist For Ultimate Simplicity – My personal favourite

Minimalism is to use as little visual information as possible to communicate a message. The results are often striking, powerful and above all functional.

In the examples above, we see a similar approach to logotype design: Letterforms are simplified to shapes, the designers pay attention to negative space and colours are used sparingly.

Logo design trends 2020 Recap

Year 2020 will be quite colourful in terms of logo design trends. Remember, Trends come and go! But logos that are simple will never go out of style.

Minimalist logos made of simple geometric shapes and lines are comfortable to view at a any scale, are easy to remember and are timeless.

Logos also need to be unique. Don’t be afraid to be different. Experiment with interesting logotypes, colourful solid colours, abstract shapes and even more.

Thanks for taking the time to read my 2020’s six logo trends.

I hope you found it helpful and inspiring! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. x