Seven Logo Design Trends for 2021

The following seven logo trends illustrate where logo design is moving in 2021 and beyond. Trends are not to be strictly followed, they are here to inform and guide us. As designers, we should find a way to push these ideas forward and make them our own. these tips could help you design a bold and striking logo for 2021.

Inventive Typography

If you’re looking to show off your creativity, why not invent your very own typeface? All you need is your imagination!

Think about how a new typography can capture the essence of your brand. At the same time, remember that your logo must stay legible and easy to perceive.

New typefaces can be delicately implemented in all kinds of brand identity materials without being a distraction but still having an eye catching impact!


Influenced by the “Instagram era” gradients aren’t going anywhere!

It’s a great way to inject a bit of “mood” and depth into your design.

Don’t forget, this doesn’t come without it’s issues. There are two main colour models in graphic design: RGB and CMYK. Basically, the RGB model can execute much more colour combinations than the CMYK model. Many colours cannot be reproduced and the very bright colour in the gradient will be completely different from the one you see on the computer screen.

Overlapping Geometry

We loved bold design solutions last year and we will continue to see this style evolve into 2021.

There are plenty of ways to put geometric shapes into your logo. Try playing with several elements partially overlap or merge into each other.

Negative Space

Negative space create subtle meaning and optical illusions in combination with the text or logo mark. We have all looked at a logo that seemed simple at first, but upon closer examination revealed a clever use of the space around it.

Why use negative space in logo design?

  • It highlights your creativity
  • It keeps your logo simple
  • It makes your design more memorable
  • It engages consumers
  • It makes your logo stand out!

Chaotic Arrangements

These artistic arrangements are a guaranteed way to catch the viewer’s eye.

We loved these unique arrangements in 2020 and their popularity has only grown! This bold trend best suits businesses with innovative personalities and it is a great way to showcase the creative side of your brand. Remember – Always make sure your emblem remains easy-to-read!


Monograms are back! And, the results are striking, powerful and above all functional.

In the examples above, we see a similar approach to logotype design: Letterforms are simplified to shapes, the designers pay attention to negative space, stacked elements, bold geometry and colours are used sparingly.

Fine Lines

This beautiful style relies on sans-serif fonts and simple geometry. As a result, you’ll get an elegant, easy-to-scale art piece which will look pixel perfect across different surfaces.

Typography offers an enormous playground for experiments. We look forward to seeing more thin, crispy line typefaces that give designs a delicate and light feel – quite a contrast to the previous couple of years where we have been seeing extra thick typefaces everywhere!

Logo design trends 2021 Recap

Remember, Trends come and go! But logos that are simple will never go out of style.

The importance of a logo to a business varies but first and foremost, a logo is used to represent the identity of a brand. With that in mind, deciding what type of logo to go for isn’t as easy as picking the prettiest-looking one. There must be some criteria to consider. There are five core elements in logo design: simple, unique, versatile, memorable, and relevant.

Thanks for taking the time to read my 2021’s seven logo trends.
I hope you found it helpful and inspiring!