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Daniel & Daniel were looking for a personal identity and totally bespoke logo design to make them look different from their competitors.

As a brand, it is important to stand out. We can all imagine what a plumbers logo would typically look like: a water droplet and a flame, some pipes and tools, unfit fonts. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Creative logo designs always get remembered. When people remember your logo, they’ll remember your name.

Why the faces? The company is named Daniel & Daniel Plumbing and Heating. They are a team 2 of experienced plumbing and heating engineers, both named, you guessed it… Daniel! The friendly and professional business approach inspired us to create a logo that represented them on a personal level. This oozes personality, humor and most importantly people will remember it!

The badge style was inspired by the vintage/retro logo examples that were sent to us by the clients.

There are multiple variations of this logo. One for large print, one for small. Both with two colour variations. Of course, all logos can be transferred onto t-shirts, hats, van signage, the lot!


Coming soon!


A company’s visual brand not only includes the logo, but the graphic elements that surround it. Check out the cool uniform designs below.





Website snapshot.

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Other colourways:


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