The Brief

We were asked to create a logo, identity, website and a set of Instagram post templates for  Momino, the wisest owl on Instagram… Momino knows all about getting followers and has a team of hand-trained Instagram Marketers who will grow your account and get you the targeted followers you desire.

The brand was to be fun, friendly but remain professional and personal. A total of 5 concepts were created with the winning concept being the clear favourite. You can see the other concepts that were developed further down this page.

The Logo

Storytellers weave their tales with words. Designers do it with pictures, shapes and symbols. These are a visual shorthand, a way of quickly communicating emotion and meaning.

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and a word. Moreover, the bird causes positive emotions and a sense of mutuality.

Communication plays a vital role in management and social media. This is why we have chosen to design the general shape of the owl to mimic a speech bubble/word balloon – These shapes are the ideal symbol for communication.

The Website

Check it out for yourself:



Friendly & Fun

Bold & Playful

Instagram post template designs…

Other logo concepts created during the process…

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