We’re already nearly half way into 2020 (I know, where has the year gone?!). So what’s been happening so far and what lays ahead in website design trends for 2020 and beyond?

Taking all this into consideration we look at some of the top design trends for 2020:

Colourful, geometric and organic shapes are being used on some of the top designed sites in 2019.

With continued improvements in technology, it is becoming easier for designers to step outside “the grid” and to express their brand identities. We’re seeing lots of designers using abstract shapes to draw users’ attention and communicate subtle messages about the brands personality.

We’re also seeing a lot of illustration based design work within web design lately, closing the gap between digital based design and print design. This is helping designers communicate Unique and authentic messages that are far more versatile than photography, especially as we are getting more and more bored of seeing blatant stock imagery used in website design from companies of all sizes.

Here are a few additional benefits of curated visuals:

• Make confusing concepts easier to understand (like software)

• Help reduce the prominence of gender and race when illustrating people

• Avoid showcasing unrelated brands (cars, computers, buildings)

• Can quickly portray powerful emotions.

For years, designers have been using whitespace and contrasting typefaces to help users’ digest the message displayed on a website. In 2019, designers, digital and print alike, are now working very closely with copywriters to reduce the amount of text within their designs to help information easier and faster to grasp. The biggest challenge I find when dealing with copy writers and a client is getting multiple “decision makers” to agree on the copy. The easiest way to get concise and powerful copy is by writing more and then reducing down to the essentials, instead of trying to creating paragraphs of text that are perfect straight away.

This brings me onto one of the most dominant web design trends of 2019, when well-executed, is high contrast and vibrant colours. For a while, soft tones and monotone had taken over design. However, it seems like this trend has started to fade away. Bright neon’s and angular shapes have made a huge comeback and now more than ever companies are using bold colours to better represent their brand and personality/values. Using colour is also a great way to attract people to a brand that would have otherwise been seen as quite corporate and mundane.

Final Thoughts

Design trends will always come and go and it’s important to stay true to your brand and values. If you own a business and you’re choosing a designer, always choose a designer who has your company’s values at heart and are best aligned with you and your brand.