People often underestimate the importance of great logo design and how valuable it is to the success of a business!

I am going to tell you exactly why logo design should not cost £50 and why your logo is not something you should take lightly.

I will be comparing “basic logo design” with “professional logo design” and outlining the reasons why a professional logo designer would never charge such low fees and why you should invest in a professional logo/graphic designer.

What is a logo?

In broad terms, your logo is the one aspect of your company’s commercial brand that should set your business apart from other companies in your market. Your logo’s shapes, colours, fonts and images should help customers and prospective customers identify and recognise your organisation and should be a signal that you are a company they can trust. A great logo is…

  • the first impression your potential customers/clients see of your company
  • representative and reflect a company’s values and character
  • original
  • has longevity
  • the basis of your corporate image

Now, take a look at image one. You will notice that the logos in image one use free standard fonts and don’t assign to the rules of good logo creation.

Ask yourself these questions in regards to the logos in image one:

Are these logos effective without colour?

How many of the logos can you describe or remember?

Do the logos convey the company’s personality, character or attitude?

Are the logos scalable?

Do they gain immediate recognition?

Do the logos convey a feeling of familiarity and credibility?

Do the logos have association with quality and satisfaction?

Professional Logo Design:

Now compare the logos in image one to these professionally designed logos in image two and answer the same questions…

Professional logo designers go through a design process that involves research, sketching, conceptualising, and reflection and this is why it is unrealistic to charge £50.

The design process of a professional logo designer usually consists of:

The Design Brief
Conducting a questionnaire or interview with the client to obtain the design brief.

Research & Reference
Conducting research into logo designs that have been successful, current styles and trends, history and competitors.

Sketching & Conceptualising
Developing the logo design concepts around the brief and research.

Taking breaks throughout the design process helps ideas to mature and allows for renewed enthusiasm.

Brainstorming ideas
An agency will brainstorm ideas and will also collectively reflect upon a number of designs. This ensures that only relevant designs are created and the best options put forward.

Do you believe doing all of this is only worth £50?