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Web hosting & Design: The Carbon Footprint of the Internet

It’s easy to assume using pixels instead of paper is an eco-friendly solution but websites do have an environmental impact, and it’s growing! For an example, around 10% of the world's total electricity consumption is being used by the internet, according to a research report from Swedish KTH in 2019. The report examines energy-use in computers, tablets, smartphones, in production of products, in networks, servers, data centres and internet services as a whole. Data centres store and distribute website data, using billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity. The good news is that data centres and individual site owners are ...

Web Design Trends 2020

We’re already nearly half way into 2020 (I know, where has the year gone?!). So what’s been happening so far and what lays ahead in website design trends for 2020 and beyond? Taking all this into consideration we look at some of the top design trends for 2020: Colourful, geometric and organic shapes are being used on some of the top designed sites in 2019. With continued improvements in technology, it is becoming easier for designers to step outside “the grid” and to express their brand identities. We’re seeing lots of designers ...

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