Altia Intel

Altia Intel

Altia is part of the NorthEdge portfolio following. Initially based just in the UK, the group has significantly grown in recent years. Altia now have offices in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Powered by advanced software and data, Altia help their clients to manage, future-proof, improve and modernise investigation capabilities. From managing risk, right through to solving and prosecuting crimes.

Altia aspires to be the main industry provider, serving two main archetypes of end-users: private and public sector. Our goal was to have them meet in the middle by building a website that captures solutions to the pain points of both sides.

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UX & UI Design

Presenting products by solution to tackle business objectives.

We carefully segmented Altia Intels solutions in a way that helps the user identify what they need based on the problems they’re trying to solve.

The website has been designed to have a seamless look and feel, with a clear visual hierarchy and necessary visual cues that enhance the experience.

The proper coexistence of various brand elements has made the brand appear cohesive, strong, and recognisable.

Brand Support

Standardising the brand’s look and feel.

We have helped the Altia team to maintain a unified visual brand behaviour across all their product and service offerings.

To achieve this, we’ve supported the Altia team in their efforts to make their brand speak accurately to their customers and employees.

We’ve done so by meticulously building icon sets and are continuing to strengthen the brand moving forward by collaborating with the Altia marketing team.

Collaborating with Altia’s external design team, we briefed requirements for animations and graphics to be created and used on the company website, bringing this brand to life.

Visual Direction

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the Altia team and gain some insight into the industry.

The new website has clarified and improved the brand and the experience prospective and present clients have with Altia Intel.

Before we started the project, we needed to clarify the primary colour palette. These colours also define the solution category for each product, helping cement the brand in its new environment.

Overall, the layout and structure has been improved throughout with a modern but friendly design, navigation and user journey has been clarified and products have been organised into easy-to-understand solution categories.

The website is now also easier to edit inhouse which was a project requirement at the start.


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