Blue Chyp

Blue Chyp produce the most certified balcony systems on the market that offer architectural variety, through innovative and sustainable methods. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is home to skilled Balcony Technicians whom assemble Cobalt® Balcony Systems to an unrivaled level of quality.

Wiredcreative worked alongside Blue Chyp’s remarkable team to bring their digital presence in line with their high product standards.

After months of dedicated work, we proudly launched the Blue Chyp website in February 2022. We’ve continued to work closely with the team and helped with numerous campaigns, brand support, in-house paperwork and presentations.

“Working with wiredcreative was a good experience from the start. Our focus on design and detail was always going to be a challenge, however our vision was captured immediately and allowed the process to flow perfectly.

I would highly recommend for all things digital design, creative thinking, and marketing.”

UX & UI Design

A fresh new experience built on three core values that influence the market.

Blue Chyp carefully and identified three business value pillars: Certified, Innovative, and Sustainable. These lay at the foundation of their success. We have opted to use the brand colours across this new digital experience, while still keeping the cobalt blue colour as a core. Extending the colour palette has breathed new life and flexibility into the brand.

Enhancing the three value pillars through characteristic colours.

Visual Direction
Style Guide

Tightening up the brand.

By meticulously creating its brand guide, we have set Blue Chyp up for the future, opening up opportunities for its brand to be showcased on all digital and traditional mediums.

By extending project scope, Blue Chyp’s team needed help with designing several assets — everything from traditional in-house materials to additional promotional materials, presentations, and social media artwork. We’ve reinforced stability and consistency throughout.

As typography plays an indispensable part of the experience, we have chosen Montserrat — a professional, modern typeface which identifies as clear as legible.


Working on these projects felt extra special. We got the opportunity to learn about the extraordinary company culture Blue Chyp cherishes. We can’t wait to see where they go from here and what other milestones they achieve.


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